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Quality and environment

Quality and the Environment

We are aware that the impeccable quality of our products and services, keeping our employees healthy and safe, and protecting the environment are crucial for long-term business and our company's continued success.

Constant product, process, and service improvements, along with strict adherence to the "zero defects" strategic goal and perfect customer satisfaction, are the core of our philosophy and company policy on quality standards.

Efficient energy and material use in the manufacturing process, reducing negative environmental impact, responsible waste management and minimising waste are also central parts of our environmental policies and key indicators in our company's development strategy.

Caring about the health and happiness of our employees, their commitment to the company, their expertise and consciousness in the production process, protection of the environment, and care for our fellow man; all these are the principles that we use to build our company's future.

  • Multiple satisfaction: employee satisfaction -> customer satisfaction -> business owner satisfaction
Politika kakovosti
  • The basic philosophy of quality management is defined as individual responsibility. Every employee is aware of the significance of their work and contribution to perfecting the end product.
  • Putting our planned business policy into action involves: setting measurable goals, monitoring and controlling these goals, and also measures to be taken if they are not achieved.
  • Our competitive advantage is based on know-how. New employees are trained and taught to understand the needs and demands of our customers, because only well-trained staff can reach and fulfil the set objectives.
  • In order to keep our position on the market, we need the knowledge and the ability to manage our environment. This guarantees that the company's activity does not deteriorate the quality of our living environment. People's health and well-being are values that we treat with the utmost respect and responsibility. 
  • Constant improvements and upgrades to our systems of quality  and environmental management help us stay ahead of the game. We involve all employees in the improvement process, and we consider and encourage suggestions and advice from anyone.

    Reducing our impact on the environment is achieved with a systematic approach i.e.:
    • spreading awareness regarding environmental issues among co-workers
    • posting our environmental policy on the internet
    • meeting basic and concrete environmental goals
    • appropriate measures in special circumstances
    • waste separation, and also reducing waste production
    • planning and implementing technologies and products that reduce environmental impact during production, use, and disposal
    • technological process improvement regarding the use of natural resources and waste production
    • reducing energy use with the same end result
  • We use modern, verified technologies, machines, devices, and procedures in our manufacturing process, which allows for the better use of materials with less waste, energy efficiency, regeneration, and recycling.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of our systems of complete quality and environmental control is management's primary task. It is based on preventive actions, i.e. timely error and deficiency detection in all areas.

    Company management:
    • supports constant environmental improvements in the company, as well as improvements in health and safety,
    • monitors the implementation of obligatory legal requirements, and the demands of customers and potential clients,
    • meets the expectations of interested parties (the general public, neighbours, etc.).
  • No-one is infallible and that is why we admit our mistakes. We do not hide our knowledge, but we share it.
  • My co-workers are my customers, because I need them; I am their customer, and they need me
  • Everyone understands the meaning of incurred cost, especially costs caused by low quality.



Our advantage is a combination of clear strategies, development directions and commitment to common values:  flexibility, partnership, trust, creativity, and efficiency.


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